November 27th, 2008


My Super Special Twilight Post

**Be warned! Many people will not like what I have to say. But then again this is my journal :p

So yes I finally saw Twilight. With my mom no less. I'll recap my Twilight history for those that don't know me. Twilight is a series that I tolerate. I honestly don't see why it's special and not just another book in the YA section. I think if it was just another book I might like it more. But since it comes with all this hype I felt let down after reading it. There were so many scenes where I just wanted to scream and throw the book in frustration (in fact I did throw it once). I am not ashamed to say that I don't like the Bella/Edward romance. SO much melodrama it nearly drowned me. I perked up while reading New Moon since I loved all the Bella/Jacob interaction. I could care less that Edward went off to be all broody. I do not do broody vampires. Eclipse was disappointing because now my Jacob was being an utter asshat. Although for the first time I was enjoying Edward more. Bella and her constant nattering about wanting to be changed and not wanting to marry was annoying. But Edward was there to protect her virtue and I think I kind of loved him after that. I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet but I'm spoiled for it and from what I've heard I just keep shaking my head in disbelief.

So you might ask why I keep reading if I seem to hate it so much. Well for starters I don't hate it. Secondly it's strangely addictive in a way I can't comprehend. But most importantly I read for all the supporting characters. Alice is by far my favorite in the series. I feel so sorry for Charlie and the way Bella treats him. Now that we know Rosalie's story I love her. Jasper is kind of adorable and Carlisle and Esme are awesome.

As for the movie, my mom had a really fun time. She got a kick out of “vegetarian vampires.” I enjoyed all the Cullen family moments. The scenery was gorgeous. I loved Charlie and his pornstache!!! Jacob was hot (I dig long hair in general). Edward was quite the broody thing. I loved the topaz eye contacts. And the fight scenes were pretty awesome as well. So yeah I like it.

ETA: I totally forgot to mention that I don't think Edward sparkled enough. I wanted to be dazzled and I wasn't.
ME Miranda

A Good Idea

I'll post my drabble here while I'm waiting for my request to join hh_writersblock  is approved. I totally thought I was in this comm. Apparently not.

Title: A Good Idea
Author: me
rating: R
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape (older and proffesors at Hogwarts. I do not do chan)
Warnings: does sex count as a warning
Word Count: 354

Author's Note: I haven't written anything in months so ths basically sucks and to top it off no beta has touched this. Although if you do enjoy it, let me know. I've never written Harry Potter before so this is definitely something new.

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