November 28th, 2008

ME Miranda

Random 5 am thoughts

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I won't be celebrating till saturday so that my sister can come home from school.

Anyways, on to the random notes.

1.) I learned from hogwartsishome  that there exists a Hermione/Filch fanvid. I shit you not. (see it here)

2.) My first plot based/action story is amazingly star trek related and not bsg like most people would think. I was rereading what I have written so far and laughing at how I actually wrote in red lettering "insert technobabble here". I'm so proud. I'm just like the show writers. The story is based on the New Frontier novels by peter david (Does anyone read that series?) It also has a slight crossover with Enterprise which I think is kind of cool.

3.) Die Another Day is such a shitty Bond movie.

4.) I'm still obsessing over the fact that Edward didn't sparkle as much as I wanted him to. *sad Lunie is sad*