November 29th, 2008

ME Miranda

Night Rambling

I've spent all night watching Sweeney Todd (twice) and listening to the soundtrack (twice). And I've been looking at Snape fanart. All in all kind of depressing night.

Here are some of my favorites that I found:
Lilly/Severus (not my ship but the drawing is amazing)
Snape and Dumbledore HBP (very sad scene, you know which one)
Snape avada kedavra
Potions class (I thought this one was so cute. you have to check out her deviant page. more amazing stuff there)

I also read some really good HG/SS fic:
What Goes Around Comes Around, (melusin), PG-13 A down on his luck Snape returns to  Hogwarts seeking employment. house elf fun involved which is really kind of cute.
Selling Snape, (Azrael), R, Hermione loses out on a potions job to Draco via Snape's dislike of her work. So she gets even. It's a pretty hilarious read albeit kind of OOC.

And some recs for fics I'm either following or have finished
Jitters, (lulabelle72), wip, NC-17, love this one to bits. hermione wants to become a PI, Charlie is extremely hot and sexy and there is a super cute fire breathing snake.  
If He Were a Better Man, (ubiquirk), NC-17, super dark and obsessive. seriously good though
No Loyalty in the Moonlight (Ariadne AWS), wip, R, Years after the final battle Hermione must confront the secrets she's kept even from herself. A work in progress and definitely a little bizarre but I highly reccomend it.
For All Intents and Purposes, (rhiannonofthemoon), R, A wonderful time travel fic. Hell there aren't many good ones out there. Hermione accidently transports herself back to one year after the original fall of Voldemort
Back in Black, (ubiquirk), PG-13, What if Umbridge ruled the wizarding world and terrorized it's citizens with her think pink brigade. very clever stuff even if the ending falls flat. 
Denial, (little beloved), R, long and satisfying marriage law fic
The Long Way Down, (Alley_B), wip, R, dystopian future, voldemort's won and muggle borns are being used as breeders for death eaters.
A Murder of Crows, (Hogwartsclassof91), wip, R, Fourteen years after the end of the war, Hermione's a teacher at Hogwarts, trying to forget the mistakes of her past. Meanwhile a surprise return shocks them all.


ME Miranda

6 am is way to early for me

yanked from pensive1

It totally figures that I go down like a crazy person (they don't call me Lunie for nothing). And I dig shady guys. Btw I still haven't solved the mystery that is "fake boyfriend." I seriously just want to know his name. I bet it's Bob or something. He's this older guy that walks everywhere and i see him all the time when I pass by in my car. He has longish lanky brown hair that frizzes in the heat and he walks kind of hunched over. It's a very distinctive walk. And he always smokes a cigarette before entering the grocery store. Honestly I am mystified by my attraction to this man. Hell I'm still confused over my love for the The Stack (unsolved mysteries guy).
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