December 1st, 2008

Eva head in hands

I spurn your tweets and write longhand

1.) I can't get over my thing for Draco Malfoy. I don't know what's wrong with me. Could be all the wine I've had tonight. Or the glass that I'm still drinking. This video had me all kinds of smiling.

2.) Thanksgiving on sat. was good. My friend Jen came over to eat with our family. I think she honestly feels more comfortable at our house than in her own. Hell she even tagged along to Hawaii with us. Not that I'm complaining. She is awesome. Oh and apparently I now have to move to Boston so she can go get her law degree (so much more sensible than the coast guard). And I'll go work as a psych tech and my sis can get her med degree from Tufts.

3.) Isn't health insurance a funny thing. I'm still under my mom's plan (until I'm 24) and the stipulation is that I have to be a full time student in school. So what happens when you need to leave school for medical reasons. It's a paradox. I'm currently on medical leave from Cal Poly until next year and have sort of been taking classes at my local community college to satisfy my insurance company.

So anyway I'm going to pretend to be an art student next spring (which I suck at by the way). But I'm not letting that stop me. Hey at least I'll improve on what meager skills I have. Plus I've always wanted to take art classes. I will be taking Design in Mixed Media (funnest class I ever took in high school), drawing and composition, ceramics and astronomy. I'm so excited to post my crap art on here so everyone can see :)

4.) I miss my love for CSI

5.) OMG Daniel Radcliffe on Inside the Actors Studio on monday (why is he turning into Elijah Wood. He looks more and more like him). OMG Katee Sackhoff on Law and Order on wed. I may die happy this week.

6.) I'm suddenly into cartoon/kids show parodies:
Law and Order: Special Letters Unit (sesame street)
Law and Order (fake muppets)
RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigations (DAVID CARUSO!!! makes it all worth it)

7.) Go watch Summer Heights High!!!!! Go watch The Mighty Boosh!!!!! (if you can find it that is).