December 8th, 2008

ME Miranda

Robot Chicken

So I was yet again unaware of any bsg stuff bleeding out into other tv. Except that I usually watch adult swim so I was able to catch all the bsg bits on robot chicken. It was cute.
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Life can be so precious sometimes

I had a crazy day today, emotion wise, and none of it actually had to do with me. So most of you know that I'm currently on a medical leave from my college (Cal Poly). Well I got the campus wide email from the president today talking about a series of deaths that have occured at our school. I of course had no clue. Apparently one freshman died at a fraternity party (most likely due to alcohol) and just 48 hours later another student died on campus in the dorms. His roomate went to wake him up that morning and apparently found him dead. There is no known cause for his death yet. And all this follows the death of  a senior back in november. I'm not sure how she died. It's all very tragic. Sure students die at school but 3 in a month has got to be hard on a university.

Today, a fighter jet crashed into a house near Miramar (in San Diego). For reference I live about 10 miles away. Three people have died and 1 person is missing. The pilot landed up ejecting and is in good condition at the hospital. I guess it made national news. Very sad and random.

Also I received the bill for my emergency room visit from last month. Over $5000!! that's crazy. And that's just for the visit. Not the labs or CT. It's ridiculous. All they did was ask me some questions.  Anyways, thank God for insurance. All in all I'll have to pay $35. Just the copay for the visit. I do have to make an appt with my doctor though to follow up on all these cysts they keep finding. My mom is getting worried that I'll get cancer. Apparently a fellow coworker had a cyst in her kidney, like me,  and thought it was nothing. It turned out to be much worse. So yeah I'll make that call tommorow morning.

On a positive note I've been perusing wish_list  to see what I could do. It's addictive. I now have a 4 page long list of people to send cards to. You should go see what you can do. My list is here (shameless plug). lol 
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