December 13th, 2008

ME Miranda

Tweets for the Day

  • 00:55 I totally twilighted again tonight. AND had a 2 hour discussion on it with a fellow friend who finds the whole thing crazy. WTF!!! #
  • 19:06 did you know sailor moon has a very special eating disorder episode...hmm #
  • 23:08 Midnight Repo!!! #
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Repo Madness and 9th doc love

So I have 2 thinks to cover tonight:

1.) Repo: The Genetic Opera is BEYOND awesome!!!!!!!!! GO SEE IT!!!!!! It's in super limited release so go to the main website to see if it's playing near you. It's a goth rock opera (yes singing from beginning to end) about a future where an epidemic allows a biotech company to offer organ transplants on a kind of loan type basis. However if you're late in payments they repossess your organs, literally. Yeah it's horror but it's also funny, sad and terribly clever at the sme time. Anthony Head is amazing as is Sarah Brightman. I got to see the midnight showing yesterday and I'm going again tonight. One of the co-creators and star of the film (he played the graverobber) Terrance Zdunich and the music producer were there promoting the film and answering questions. Tonight the director will be there as well. It's very much a grassroots movement. It's weird because this is generally the kind of movie I don't like and fake that I do but I genuinely loved it. 
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2.) I've sort of been getting back into Dr. Who fandom.For peole who don't really know me my favorite doc is 9 (even though I do like 10, don't get me wrong). Anyways, I read this really amazing story last night that I need to rec because it's a perfect blend of 9, 10 and Rose without a real preference for one over the other. It's angsty and sad (I cried repeatedly) and yet wonderful and romantic. The end is pretty mushy but I didn't care. I needed it after the angst. It's AU after mid season 2.

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