December 14th, 2008

Repo graverobber/shilo

Repo Madness Take 2

So I went to go see Repo again tonight and it was even better. I was worried that not as many people were going to show up since there didn't see to be a lot of people in line. But by the time the movie started the theater was full. Before the movie the band leader (Darren Smith who is also one of the co-creators and wrote the music) led a bunch of people in costume (socal army members I think) down the aisles singing "We Started This Op'ra Shit". It was pretty amazing. Then 2 henchwomen, dressed perfectly, escorted Terrance Zdunich (Graverobber and co-creator) and Darren Bousman (director) up to the front where they introduced the film. This crowd was a lot more interactive with the movie so I'm really glad I went friday night too so I could watch the movie without a bunch of people yelling and cheering. I was cheering too this time btw.

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ME Miranda

A Little Glass Vial

ZOMG!!!!!!! I am so obsessed with my new layout it's crazy. I had to make myself a new header and this Repo one came out perfectly. Exactly how I imagined. I think I'm most proud of those zydrate vials. Creating that blue glow was easier than I thought it was going to be. They look awesome. Anyways, go check it out lunar47

My next step is a mood theme. Which considering the lack of screencaps out there will be hard to make. We'll see.