December 18th, 2008

DW Rose/Nine

I don't know what to do with myself

So not only am I writing baby fic but I've been searching it out as well. I came across this short series by imaginary_iby .

They're mostly fluff but this one ("The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn") literally broke me. I was sobbing through the whole thing. Remind me to never read fic during this time of the month. The story's basic plot is that Nine regenerates into Ten and poor Molly (the kid in question) may not be able to handle it. Nor can the Doctor when he thinks she might not love him. *sigh* yeah...just yeah.

Anyways, go read it. It's good.
DW Rose/Nine

Crossovers Can Be My Friends Too

BEST Doctor Who/Firefly crossover!!!!! So in character and wonderful it scares me. But in a really good giddy way.

Out of Joint by HonorH: A mysterious incident in the Time Vortex forces the TARDIS to set down on Serenity. Mal finds a few headaches, the Doctor finds a mystery, and River finds someone who speaks her language. (summary from story) It's Ninth doctor but I would SO love to see this rewritten as Ten. I'm just imagining how things would have gone differently.

I swear Doctor Who can crossover with anything.

ME Miranda

twitters for the day

  • 11:27 Damn you doctor who!! Why do you make me cry. That's all I've been doing all morning. I'm watching requiem for a dream now just to cope. Lol #
  • 12:37 Requiem for a dream ia actually less fucked up than Dr. Who. My mind is being warped #
  • 12:51 @supercheekykc LOL maybe. But then again I'm not crying so so far it's practically peachy #
  • 14:36 Fake boyfriend is wearing neon green shirt and blue pullover. He's smoking and his hair is long. It makes me smile. #
  • 14:51 @pensive1 no way. Are you serious? #
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