December 26th, 2008

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Rant of the WTF Variety

Has anyone watched the show Whale Wars on Animal Planet? I had heard of it before (i.e. comercials) and had already condemned their actions as being completely wrong but now I've actually sat down and watched a few episodes. My god it's so fucking painful. Now I don't really side with Japanese whalers but the way these people protest is absurd. Throwing rancid butter, claiming to be shot by the Japanese, boarding the other vessel (an act of piracy) all to get their "cause" splashed across the media. They put their own lives in danger, have no respect for the crew and the Captain shouldn't be fit to run that vessel. I think saving the lives of those whales gets lost somewhere amongst the sensationalism this crew causes. Nothing is going to be changed by this. Real action has to be taken on a government level. Right now I really have no respect for these people or for Discovery. And to think there's going to be a second season.

On the flipside I highly respect crab fisherman. Dangerous job but they do it well and as safe as possible. Plus crab is tasty. Not so sure about whales.
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