January 1st, 2009

ME Miranda

Shameful, Just Shameful

Okay seriously, I knew it would happen sooner or later but I just didn't expect this. You know my penchant for fucked up fic pairings, well now  I have one for Doctor Who.


*sigh* my brain is rotting. I blame this INSANELY good series Amore Mundi by rosa_acicularis . While lots of um...malicious stuff happens it's their dynamic that is really interesting. Kind of like Kara/Leoben in a way. While you know that these 2 people don't fit, their possibilities are alluring.

It's a story that hasn't been completed yet but you can read the first 2 in the series and not feel completely cheated for having to wait maybe months for the next chapter. I know people may not like reading an incomplete fic but this one is so worth it. It includes a whole host of characters. The first fic has Rose running an errand for the Doctor and in the second the Doctor dreams (not of pleasant things mind you). Sounds simple but the Master and the Big Bad Wolf factors in a big way. Crazy, fantastic writing!!! Damn there are some good who authors out there. 

on a side note Happy New Years! I had half a bottle of almond flavored champagne, felt slightly sick to my tummy, missed having banana cream pie at Marie Callender's (damn you Marie for leading me on with your flashy banners and then telling me you're sold out), tried to sleep but remembered that alcohol keeps me wide awake unless really drunk (which I wasn't), am enjoying old Loony Tunes cartoons and celebrating that comedy central is still on my tv and Dora the Explorer wasn't sacrificially murdered. 
ME Miranda

My New Year's Resolutions

Okay so I wasn't going to do this but random ideas kept popping up in my head as I read my latest Torchwood novel. Apparently that's what happens when Ianto turns into a woman. Anyways, here we go.

Part One (part two comes out when I'm less exhausted)

1.) losing weight is a throwaway but I'll put it on here anyways

2.) I will do well in school. I don't want to experience my usual mid quarter slumps. I want to succeed through the whole 10 weeks.

3.) Find a new fandom to be obsessed about. This will inevitably happen. Not that I'm growing tired of the usuals but something new would be nice.

4.) Write one 2,000+ word fic each month. 2,000 words is my new goal with each story that I write. I'm trying to work on fleshing out what I've already written. I tend to be very sparse with my words and I want to go in a new direction. Currently my new Doctor Who fic is at 1,600 words and the goal is 2,500 by the time I'm done. I'm seriously excited about it though.

5.) Read the books I already own and don't buy new ones. I have a back log of books I bought based on good recommendations or on a whim that remain unread. 

6.) Reduce my medication while still being able to manage my life

7.) find a job and start paying off my loan.