January 3rd, 2009

BSG Leoben big bad wolf

Endeavoring to live up to New Years Resolution

So one of my resolutions this year was to actually read all the books I buy. Well that didn't go so well considering I went to a used book store yesterday and bought like 6 books. All for like a dollar each though. Anyways here's my list of books I'm reading so that I can keep track of it all.

1.) Fluff: Almost Perfect (Torchwood Novel): owned for one week: 1/3 complete
2.) Romantic Fluff: The Smart One and the Pretty One: owned for 2 days: on ch. 3
3.) Serious Novel: Bleak House: must continue my Dickens love. One of the few I haven't read yet: owned for 2.5 years: just started
4.) slow read/whenever: Breaking Dawn: I read a page here and there: owned since august: 2nd chapter or so