January 7th, 2009

ME Miranda

Top Gear

So I'm probably late to the game but does anyone watch Top Gear. It's a British show so I'm not sure how much coverage it's had in the US. I know I've never heard of it until recently. I'm kind of addicted now. The majority of the show has the hosts talking about cars, road testing a bunch of them, doing weird things, etc. But the best bit, since I know nothing about cars, is the end when they have celebrities drive a car around a track and compare their times each other. Here are some links to my favorites.

David Tennant: He's so cute with his little accent and smoking jacket. Oh and he broke 3rd gear. poor car :(

Billie Piper: such a girl but she likes her cars. Again, very cute.

Patrick Stewart: dedicated to [info]mrs_picard although she's probably already seen it. He did good.

Jimmy Carr: Not known in the US but he's a pretty funny British comedian. And he's awesome in the car. 

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