January 15th, 2009

ME Miranda

Tweets for the Day

  • 06:26 My best friend is leaving to england like right now. And yeah I'm sad. #
  • 15:00 My best friend moved to London this morning and I didn't cry at the airport. But now I'm sitting in the doctor's office and bawling #
  • 00:48 @carylerg thank you. I'm still sad but it's a little better. At least I'm not still crying. Although tommorow is another day :( #
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ME Miranda

And so life goes on...

A list so I can prove I'm a Ravenclaw

1.) I'm really hoping the fuzzy head feeling I have now is from the msg in the soup I just ate and not from Laura's (sandwich_armada , the best friend who left me to rot in sunny San Diego paradise while she frolics in the cold of dreary ol' London) dad making me sick. Lethargy upon waking up does not bode well. I felt like a train hit me this afternoon.

2.) I'm wearing out my copy of North and South. Like when I finish I literally want to just start at page one again. Oh Thornton *sigh*

3.) I love my new doctor. She's nice, caring and effiecient. She ordered a follow up chest x-ray to see about that lung cyst that turned up on my nov. CT. I have an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound scheduled for next week to check out the other cysts. I still have no clue why I have renal scarring though.

4.) The news that atypical antipsychotics can cause heart failure is not cool. I value my seroquel and would rather not have to stop it.

5.) Anybody else have skype? I now do. So if anybody ever wants to chat just let me know and I'll message you my id.

6.) I still miss Laura but things are looking better.

Poll #1332003 And a Poll

Pick one

The Mighty Boosh
Flight of the Conchords
other - explain in comments
ME Miranda

Indulge me a little

I'm redoing this poll so I can get a clearer assessment. And also because I have an obvious preference.


Poll #1332080 This Poll will probably make me cry

pick one

The Mighty Boosh because I adore it
Flight of the Conchords because I have no idea what this boosh is
Flight of the Conchords - stop asking me bitch! I really like the show
both but to make Lunie happy I'll pick The Mighty Boosh
some other semi-musical show I'll list in the comments