January 20th, 2009

ME Miranda

Mary Sue Merry-go-Round

Yes, yet another post from me in list form.

1.) It's 1am and I've been looking at naughty and explicit Harry Potter slash art. Don't really know why. I can never really sleep the night before classes start. But I did look at my schedule and ceramics is first which is better than stressing out over the drawing class.

2.) sorcerer's stone book is officially broken. All the pages are separated from one another. It was a first edition so thankfully I had bought a backup copy.

3.) I've definitely replaced one Callum for another. I LOVE THIS MAN!! here's a video of him in Dead Like Me, one of my favorite shows.
And pics
And in my fucked up Mary Sue land he currently plays Vincent Wexler in my head version of Star Trek New Frontier. And since I'm also listening to the Once soundtrack he is also a singer and is lamenting his love for Elizabeth. I think I'm on this kick where I'm really pissed off when nice guys get rejected/hurt by their girlfriends or lovers. I feel for them. So...does this mean I'll go back to shipping Kara/Lee?

4.) OMG my mind voice keeps sounding like Billie Piper or Noel Fielding. This anglophilia thing is getting bizzare.

5.) ugh I should really try to sleep.
Repo Shilo

Symptoms of extreme insomnia

1.) bobble head feeling

2.) feels like things are crawling on your arms

3.) you start spouting really random things for no apparent reason

4.) emotional hysteria: like crying over everything, from the inauguration to art class to Callum Blue being so frickin hot in my fantasies

5.) fatigue - no shit

6.) I'm sure there are others but I've forgotten what to write...hmm another symptom

4hrs bad sleep in 48 hrs is awful. The longest I've been without sleep is 62 hrs but that was during a manic episode so it didn't really count. I actually had a lot of energy then. Right now I'm sitting on the bed hoping for a nap but I still can't sleep.
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