January 28th, 2009

ME Miranda

Yay for Harry Potter!!

Are you tired of HP Sorting Communities where all the emphasis seems to be on the sorting, and nothing happens once you're in? Looking for somewhere to make friends, have fun, and kick back?

Check out hogwartsishome, a unique sorting community where members can earn not just points for their houses, but also knuts with which to buy school supplied which will help you on your way to greatness. Join clubs for practicing everything from potions to photography, play on the house quidditch team for eternal glory, train to become a registered animagus and participate in animagi-only activities, or study to become a Registered Healer at St. Mungo's. There are countless ways to earn points and participate and the community atmosphere is outstanding.

Additionally, join us on regular trips to Hogsmeade, where you can throw back a butter beer or two while participating in a frenzy of fun contests.

Sound like your kind of place? Just head over to platform_934 to fill out a completely painless application. Take your time and make your application as full and insightful as possible to ensure that the Hat knows where to put you, and be sure to say in your application that a Member of the Order sent you! Me lunar47

Hogwarts is Home: Find out where you belong today!
ME Miranda

Doctor Who, what else

Well I had decided to take a break from Doctor Who fic because it's just too emotionally devestating for me. I'm not sure why I get like that. I rarely cry over fic in other fandoms but the shear amount of tears shed for doctor who is crazy. But said break is no more and I'm back to reading.

I realize this post is completely unnecessary but I'm bored and generally like to write down whatever I'm thinking. For example have you all seen that 10th doc vid to the handlebars song. It makes me so giddy and I smile like a crazy person. It's freakishly good.

i will try this weekend to start my master fic rec list. But who knows.