January 31st, 2009

ME Miranda

Tired, oh so Tired

OMG just finished doing 14 custom sig tags (2 of which my shitty PS failed to save the psd files properly and now I have to recreate them and hope for the best) and 6 new Doctor Who/Torchwood tags and now I'm beat. Plus BSG just about killed me in it's WHAT THE FRAK!!!!! factor.

*sigh* plus I'm behind on a bunch of club activities because I'm a stupid ravenclaw and cannot figure out riddles or anagrams (which are the devil btw).

OMG!!!! I just made this pic my background and I love it. It's so going to be made into a header.

ETA: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALAN RICKMAN WAS ON KING OF THE HILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kind of have this new obsession with the show. I never knew he was on an episode though. He plays a renn fair king. Kind of a smarmy evil one at that.

sorry for the big text. It just totally made my night.

ME Miranda

Horton Hears a Who...porn?

My new header describes my mood perfectly. And if I'm not searching for Who porn then I'm crying over Who angst. Either way can you tell I have the Doctor on my mind? ;)

WTF!!! Why do I not have more doctor icons. I have like 5. That's unacceptable and will be remedied.
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