February 1st, 2009

ME Miranda

Current Things I hate

1.) knitting tiny things

2.) knitting with beads on said tiny things

3.) using the flexible cords with caps at the end as straight needles because I don't have size 4 needles

4.) and it's all made even  worse by the fact that my 2 smaller size cords are occupied with other projects and I'm left with the much longer sweater size ones so they all get jumbled up with my yarn.


On the plus side I'm going to try to get doctor who crafty. I have a couple of cute patterns that I want to try. I SERIOUSLY want to make an adipose baby but I don't know how to crochet. I think I learned to make one chain and stopped. I also need to plot out my frosted glass pane for design/mixed media class. The man talks so much that we never get time to do anything. So it's best to get a head start. Plus I want to see if I can sand blast something doctor who related.

*I love this icon so much :D