February 3rd, 2009

ME Miranda

I dream of Doctor Who

Thanks for all the feedback on my last post. I'll try to get some prompts out this week. On an awesome note I so had a Doctor Who dream. I've had one or two before but I'm not sure if I've wrote anything about them. Anyways in this dream I was the companion to the 10th doc. By the way, where the fuck is 9th doc!!!! He is NEVER in my dreams. It's so annoying that David Tennant is the only one I think of. I was his companion in a Donna sense, meaning strictly platonic which frankly sucks. We were trying to help this woman and her young son. There was a massive thunderstorm outside which lent everything this creepy air. I was inside my house watching the Doctor do something outside. And at one point of the dream I got frustrated with him and hopped a bus somewhere, the Arizona border I think except it looked pretty damn green. There was also another point where we walked to the Arizona border as well. Anyways I find out that it's the Master who's been behind everything. I'm sitting on the bus when he walks up the stairs. He swaggers  and looks hot and it's awesome. I don't think he knows that I'm the Doctor's companion though. After that the dream is fuzzy and I'm not sure what happens.

Does anyone remember how we used to document our BSG dreams and what we ate before going to sleep?

Well my current Rx for ensuring Doctor Who dreams is this:
* jordan almonds
* chocolate
* water