February 5th, 2009

ME Miranda

TV is weird and so are my dreams

1.) currently watching The Capture of the Green River Killer on Lifetime. It's the one with Tom Cavanagh. It's pretty good. But anyways so I'm watching and the cops, Tom included, go to this prison to see Ted Bundy. And then I flip out when I see who's playing him. SPIKE!!!! I was not expecting James Marsters. It was weird.

2.) Watched Law and Order: SVU. My god they are judgemental people. And why can't they show the redemption of at least one low life at the end.

My dream from last night: had one small piece of chocolate and had pretty disturbing dreams. I think I was married to a guy that looked a lot like a cross between Kevin Costner and Kevin Bacon. We had a daughter who really liked her red bike. I remember we were living in these weird apartments near a campground/forest. And there were these creepy pedophiles that I kept passing up and down the hallways and stairs. I was afraid for my daughter's safety. She did get hurt, incidentally by one of them. She slipped or fell and broke her neck. She landed up paralyzed. It was weird. The second dream was much better although there was still some pedophile trying to hurt a child. It was a House/Cameron dream and they were flirting with each other. A LOT. It was pretty cute.

It's pouring here btw. I don't know what us San Diegans are going to do.