February 8th, 2009

ME Miranda

oh dirty dirty Tennant


So I mentioned my oh so secret not so secret talent here. Basically it's that I can pretty much pick up any random book and turn the pages to the sex scene. Odd and very useless talent. But I just found out that it applies to movies as well. I currently have Secret Smile (David Tennant movie obviously) on my computer. I haven't watched it yet but I opened the file and randomly clicked a point somewhat into the film just to see what he looked like. And yeah I hit the exact moment in which he says very dirty things and then sticks his fingers in his mouth. This was so momentous I had to make a post about it. lol.

my own caps but chloris has some great Tennant picspams

*devious grin. I have a feeling he's going to be creepy in this one

Okay, my dreams need to stop now. Thanks

I think this whole vivid dreaming streak I'm on right now needs to come to an end. Because as much as I enjoy the lovely David Tennant dreams I'm having the dreams without him kind of suck. Take last night for instance. I had a Twilight dream. My first ever I believe. Edward and Bella went all punk and had tattoos and piercings all over their bodies. I had to witness Edward pulling Bella's jeans down as they lay on a couch. I had to see her silky purple underwear. I think I was even disgusted in my dream. *sigh*

What I ate before bed: 1 piece whitman sampler chocolate, halva (damn you halva. You're what caused all my misery.)