February 21st, 2009

BSG Leoben big bad wolf


So did anyone besides me really like tonight's episode. I loved it and yet I'm getting the sense that not many people did.
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Oh ER, I remember you fondly

I love watching an episode of a show that you have't seen in a really long time and feeling the exact same emotions as you did the first time. I'm currently watching my favorite episode of ER, "All in the Family" (6th season I believe). It's the one where Lucy and Carter were stabbed and the whole team pulls together to try to save them. I remember being so anxious that I was actually trembling. It's an amazing episode and so sad at the same time. Probably why I like it so much. But anyways I'm at the halfway point and had to take a break from all the intensity.

Is anybody watching the current season? I've watched on and off these last couple of years. Prior to that I've probably seen every episode from seasons 1-11. I've invested 10 years of my life in that show. Kind of odd to think about it like that. I'm making more of an effort to see this final season. Carter is back in a mysterious way. I'm worried for him :(

ETA: finished now and I'm totally crying
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