March 2nd, 2009

ME Miranda

Lunie Update

I haven't said anything in over a week. That's weird. So here's a quick recap of my life.

- Went to Disneyland with my friends last monday. Which was completely awesome and a picspam will be up eventually. Oh and we had to be "evacuated" from the Splash Mountain ride. That was seriously the best thing ever.

- Grey's Anatomy is my new addiction. I've started seeking out fanfic which means that it's heading towards the obsession status. Doctor Who is on it's way out. But David Tennant is too pretty to be ignored even if he's now in contention with the hot ginger that is Kevin McKidd. I'm definitely not new to the show (watched since the first episode) but I did start slacking off in season 5. But now I'm all caught up. Yay!! Owen/Christina is definitely my new "it" ship and if Meredith and Derek don't stay together in a permanent status I will be upset *pouty face* Oh and Izzie really needs to go now. I used to love her but now she just annoys me.

- Anyone want to be penpals? letter writing is awesome.

- I've been reading chick-lit for the last week straight. And all the books are pink.

- I've been watching BSG but I've been rather quiet about it. I agree with wisteria in that there are a lot of negative vibes going around and I'm actually feeling pretty positive about the whole thing.

- is it bad that I can sit down and eat an entire package of polo mints? Oh and let's not mention Flake. *Sigh* the joys of having British friends.
ME Miranda

Oh to Dream...

So besides looking for Grey's Anatomy fanfic and starting my rewatch I've just had my first GA dream. It was fairly awesome and sexy. First there was McSteamy who was too tall for me to walk up and kiss so the seduction aspect on my part was minimal. But hey he offers the sex, as he usually does. But I chicken out. Which sucks. And then I woke up. After falling asleep again I then have a dream with Karev. He's actually less of an asshole than usual. And he has 2 little girls who are totally cute. One day he comes with his girls to say goodbye. I guess forever. I start sobbing and then later admit to Izzie that I think I was in love with him. But he didn't know that. *sigh* sad.

Now where the hell was Owen? HUH?!!!

Food Rx: orange juice, chips and hummus