March 4th, 2009

BSG Leoben big bad wolf

Random 2am thoughts

It's ridiculous how much I love the movie Queen of the Damned. I know it's supposed to be an awful film. I get that. Aghh but I just love it to pieces. I'm watching it right now on HBO.

I'm into vampires at the moment. Anyone have any good recs for me? movies, tv, books? especially books.

I want my hair to be redder than it is right now. People tell me it's red in the sunlight but since I can't really see my own hair (it's shoulder length) I don't believe them. My hair was red in my prom photo :( Ooh and I had bright red streaks too (along with highlights) . It looked awesome. But I think my hair has darkened over the years. Or maybe I'm not outside enough.

I want movie Lestat to be my boyfriend. Tom Cruise or Stuart Townsend, I don't care.

I need to reread Interview With the Vampire and actually finish The Vampire Lestat.
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