March 29th, 2009

ME Miranda

Tweets for the Day

  • 23:10 Cruising around downtown #
  • 23:11 Just saw a woman with a giant blow up penis riding a mechanical bull. My night's complete #
  • 23:20 Oh god making fun of the downtown ho crowd is so much fun #
  • 23:30 Ooh a blind guy crossing a busy intersection and a lambourghini trying to kill some pedestrians #
  • 00:00 We are in the shitty part of san diego. Thank god for in n out bathrooms. I thought I was going to die. Or have to pee in a cup in the car #
  • 00:10 Hmm PB was not as crazy as it usually is #
  • 00:19 Midnight carne asada fries. Always the best #
  • 01:10 And now we're chasing down cop cars #
  • 01:13 Oh fuck! 3 cop cars and a firetruck down my street. #
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