April 10th, 2009

ME Miranda

Personal Fandom News and School Stuff

1.) Getting school stuff out of the way, our summer school schedule came out today. I think I'm going to take psychology of aging and a class on renewable energy sources. The first is an elective for my major and the second is a general ed requirement. It better be interesting. It has a lab which I hope doesn't require math. It's summer and I'd rather not have to think very hard. My psych class is 4hrs a day twice a week. That is a frakking long class.

2.) So the results are in on my fandom poll. Doctor Who won but I'm vetoing that and going with Star Trek which was the next highest result. I feel like I've done Doctor Who already. I'll come back to it eventually. Like I do every fandom. Plus I still have my 2000+ word Who fic I have to finish. Anyways, as for the other question here is a list of shows I need to see (the ones not mentioned here are shows I've seen and love): Legend of the Seeker (which was mentioned twice and I still don't know what it is), Kyle XY (this video disturbs me enough to question my desire to see this show, actually the video is quite hypnotic and I keep going back to watch it again),  Merlin, The Mentalist, Due South (duh) and Jeeves and Wooster.

The small clips of the new Star Trek movie that have been posted here and there on the net are looking really good. My faith in the movie is increasing which is a good thing. I'm also falling for young Captain Kirk. Chris Pine is kind of hot. The few clips that I saw.

It's raining here so I'm cataloging my Star Trek novels. I left off on the 3rd book in the DS9 Mission Gamma series. Which of course I can't find at the moment. I'm way behind in the New Frontier verse even though I have them all. I've read Death in Winter and Q and A in the TNG relaunch but not much after that. I think I have 3 big boxes of trek books. It should be fun. Most of them I read in middle and high school.

I love how I went to Borders today to look for the Star Trek Destiny books and when they didn't have them I called and reserved them at the barnes and noble across the street. I felt like I had to talk in a hushed voice lest they kick me out of the store. Oh and I picked up The Enterprise book "The Good That Men Do." I'm a sucker for a good fix-it story and since the last episode of the show was obviously written by crack addicted toddlers or hell maybe the executives at FOX this book is much needed.