May 9th, 2009

ME Miranda

Sarah Looks Depressed and So Do I

First post in a while and all I have to say is that I'm depressed. So very depressed. And the reason is that everyone has seen Star Trek before me. I am unbelievably jealous. BEYOND JEALOUS!!!! And all because I am a nice person and am waiting for my dad to get home so I can see it with him. *BIG SIGH*


1.) Blair introspection fic. Blair needs for me to write about her love of Chuck and the horrible blandness that is Nate

2.) I had a dream that I was a Russian Vampire and had a lover (this guy from high school). He bit me and the whole dream was pretty damn hot. I blame alissabobissa  for making me watch all the Underworld movies (which I totally loved). LUCIAN!!!!!!! Anyways Alissa did some research for me since she was bored and found some info for Russian Vamp mythology. It's pretty twisted and very tragic. So I want to write an original fic based on this concept. It will probably be cliched as hell but so what.

3.) picspam for my new favorite show.

ETA: I just realized I'm going to have to review my Russian history to create a believable backstory for my protagonist. Oh joy of joys.

Russian Vampire Music from Norway o_O  Wurdulak