June 7th, 2009

ME Miranda

Fandom Meme

meme snagged from captaintish

Give me a fandom (or more) and I'll name:

Favorite character:
Least favorite character:
Character with the best hair:
Character with the best eyes:
Character with the best smile:
Character I'd most want to kiss:
Character I'd most likely have sex with:
Character I'd make lunch for:
Character I'd go singing in the rain with:
Character I'd go shopping with:
Character I'd go dancing with:
Character I'd take over the world with:
Character I most want to see more of:
Favorite pairing:

Fandoms (to make it easier on you): True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries, Star Trek, BSG, Gossip Girl, Twilight, Dexter, Repo, TSCC, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Mighty Boosh, Grey's Anatomy, Batman,
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