June 27th, 2009

ME Miranda

My one and only MJ post and some other randomness

I generally don't grieve over the death of a celebrity. Like most people I feel shock upon first hearing about it and then disbelief. I think I then mourn for the potential those people had or in MJ's case the legacy he left behind rather than the person themselves since I didn't really know them. It's their family and friends who are truly mourning. Michael Jackson made some incredible music that I still love today. But his character is highly questionable (to put it lightly). And that makes it very hard to express a lot of emotion over his death.

On a more positive note my favorite Michael jackson related memory was at a birthday party for this girl in elementary school (1992?). I don't actually remember her name. We went to a soda fountain place and ate ice cream out of those huge bowls that hold 20 scoops. Then when we were done we went back to her apartment and sang and danced to all her MJ videos. It was a damn fun night.

On a completely different note, I've taken to watching Swedish interviews with ASkars. I'm not quite sure why because I can't understand a damn thing.