June 28th, 2009

ME Miranda

Icon Free For All

So obviously my writing muse has died a grisly bloody death. Murder!!! I tell you. Anyways I think I'll just go back to iconing and whatnot for a while. Or at least try to.

own_the_sky had a great idea to solicit pics from people and make icons for them. So I'm going to do that too. Go ahead and comment with any pics that you would like made into icons. The more the merrier.

Um...food facts:

1.) Last night I fell asleep with a bag of sunflower and pumpkin seeds in my hand and awoke with them all over my bed and even some in my hands. I'm going to abstain from taking ambien for a while.

2.) I took home some bananas from SLO in the hopes that I would eat them while here so they wouldn't go bad. Well I didn't eat them. Sooo do I take them back with me? My poor bananas are being treated like luggage.

Random Shit:

1.) Watching Generation Kill right now (WTF HBO!! Why do you not have episode 1?!!!) Anyways I totally got giddy when ASkars mentioned Oceanside and Camp Pendleton. Marines FTW!! I'm a Navy girl at heart. ASkars also just talked about shit, literally. And now he's talking about Aussie whores. Oh the love.

*feel free to snag

Okay seriously now, just give me whatever random pics you have on photobucket or lying around on your hard drive :D