June 30th, 2009

ME Miranda

Picspam spam

I kind of want to do some picspams. But I pretty much fail on following through with anything I promise to do. And that's bad :( Anyways, here's a list of possible picspams you might be seeing from me.

1.) Part 2 of the Alexander Skarsgard Sexy Off: I have high hopes that this one will be done since someone else is involved as well.

2.) Why I'm Suddenly Fascinated By Blond Men: For the longest time I adored tall dark haired men with light eyes. Seriously forever. (Except for those 2 ginger men I fell for irl) And recently that has been changing. So this will mostly include ASkars and Julian Sands and CKR because he's kind of blond too.

3.) A Room With a View: I love this movie to pieces and the book is in my top 10 favorite novels.

4.) Hot Men: I prepared this picspam so long ago but I never posted it. It was all the pics that people requested.

5.) The women of True Blood: cuz they're pretty.

Will any of these include meta? Maybe. It depends on how shallow I feel.
ME Miranda


I'm doing this homework assignment where I need to find out how much energy a person uses per day. And it's due tommorow. I don't have access to the gas and electric bill for the house where I'm staying and my parents are hopeless since they do everything online and don't even remember their account password.

So I'm really hoping that someone out there would be willing to tell me how many kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity they used in a month and how much natural gas they used if any. This should all be on the bill. Oh and how many people are in the house.