July 15th, 2009

ME Miranda

Pointless Post

Interesting things in my life...not really. In list form as usual.

1.) I've started participating more at hogwartsishome. I kind of took a break for a couple of months. Btw Team Rainbowland is going to kick some serious philosopher's stone ass. just saying.

2.) I did something to my neck. Like maybe twisted it too far because now my suture line is pinching. It hurts like a motherfucker. I can't wait till the damn thing is completely healed.

3.) I OFFICIALLY LOSE MY HEALTH INSURANCE IN 16 DAYS!!!! I'm getting school health insurance but that won't kick in until september. Plus I need to find a new psychiatrist. And I need to time this all out so I'm not left without meds in sept. This shit is way too tricky.

4.) Like Star Trek I fear that I may both love and hate the new Harry Potter film.

5.) Remember how I used to go on and on about cholera. It's seriously my favorite disease. I had talked about an outbreak in London that the scientist John Snow helped to solve (the Broad Street pump case).

Anyways my love has been increased because I just found out that my great grandfather's name was Juan Nieves...JOHN SNOW!!!!! Apparently he was an odd man. He had been fairly wealthy in Puerto Rico and owned lots of land. But he had a drinking habit and tended to give away his land when drunk. Funny thing is that he acted perfectly normal so the only way you could tell he had been drinking was that his pinkie finger would stick up into the air. The things you learn, lol.