July 27th, 2009

ST voy janeway violence is the st way


I've been backwards marathoning Voyager for the last few days. I forgot how much I loved it. It ranks second only to TNG. But I'm dying over the lack of Doctor/Seven. I so wished that happened. *sigh* Anyways, can anyone tell me what happens in the relaunch books?

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ST os action elderly

This morning is made of fail!!!

1.) photobucket has died thus killing my ability to look at pretty pictures

2.) ambien!fail It's been 3 hours and I'm still not sleepy. I curse you cuz I just know that I'll be dead tired going to class at 8am. And I have to be at school until six!!! 2 hours of lecture on energy for a sustainable society which you think might be interesting but it's not and 3 hours of lecture on infectious diseases (which I hope will be awesome).

3.) I signed up for scifi100 again. And this time I hope I complete it. It's an icontest (sort of) to see if you can make 100 icons in 3 months. I'm doing Voyager this time around. Here are examples of my previous failures: BSG and DS9. Oh but here is one I actually finished and am very proud of.

4.)After this wednesday I'm reviving Star Trek Month. For those that don't know Star Trek Month has been a year long project in which I write something ST related everyday. It never quite worked out so I just keep posting a day here and there. Here's what's been done so far. So technically I have about 15 days left to do. Here is the severly defunct Enterprise Month. I make lofty goals but have little follow through.

5.) Am currently frantically searching for my Enterprise soundtrack.
this will have to do. Do not object or I swear I will cut you. This song always makes me want to smile and cry at the same time. Mostly because I'm a sap who gets way too invested in tv. Star Trek will forever be my top fandom.

Have a happy morning everyone :)
ME Miranda

RP shipping

Just so you know I don't really ship real people. It's weird to be honest. It does however fall into my secret kink file when it's the right pair. Katee/Callum was one such pair. Actually the only pair. Until now that is.

I need these 2 to get together in real life because they are just too damn adorable. I'm ignoring the fact that she has a boyfriend.

Go see this awesome picspam to find out who I'm talking about.