August 11th, 2009

unsolved mysteries update

Current State of Affairs

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. Especially Star Trek Month since I'm once again behind. This is the final week for one of my summer school classes. I have a test tommorow and my passive solar house project and report is due. I just hope we don't suck.

I have this professor for Emerging Infectious Diseases right. And he's really old, slurs his words, uses a slide projector, wants to tell us "stories about prions" and unfortunately doesn't wear tweed like I want him to. Well I get done talking to my roomate and he tells me that my prof is THIS GUY. First director of St. Jude's hospital and curer of childhood leukemia for those adverse to clicking on links. HOLY SHIT!!! Now I'm more apt to pay attention in class.

Want to hear something funny? Last night I passed out with an alcoholic beverage in my hand (a blue hawaiian if you must know) and of course it spilled all over the bed. I went to mop it up with a towel and then promptly fell asleep on said towel. I have yet to look at the damage done to my sheets. The drink was blue afterall.

I'm almost finished with His Dark Materials: The Amber Spyglass and I'm kind of disappointed. I'll let you know why in a book post. Also I'm rereading one of my Voyager books: Pathways.

My Voyager rewatch is going good. I'm still marathoning the episodes backwards. I've seen seasons 4-7. I'm hesitant to start season 3 since Seven isn't in it and I really like her character.

Oh sweet jesus is my Harry Potter party going to be awesome. And if sandwich_armada ever picks a date we can actually set things in motion :D