September 1st, 2009

ST VOY janeway/chakotay

Epic Love Picspam

I am so flippin proud of myself for learning how to make animated gifs. You have no idea. In that vain if there is something you want animated let me know. Having the actual video file (or telling me where to download it) is a big plus since it makes my job easier.

Okay here we go with a 3am picspam of my favorite episode of Voyager. This gif is the sole reason I wanted to learn how to make them.

Collapse )
HP luna with wand


So I really enjoyed making my Voyager Picspam. And I want to make more. So tell me which one I should do next:

Poll #1451985 Picspam time

Which picspam/review should I do next?

the Voyager episode "Coda" like I said i would
Charlie X because that episode was funny as hell
The latest True Blood episode because it was pretty
Generation kill (specify episode)
something else I'll list in comments

Oh and I'm adding Legend of the Seeker to my list because I seem to have missed that one.