September 4th, 2009

ME Miranda

People I blame for my new found love of Legend of the Seeker


alissabobissa: who made me watch them all with her

Thank you for making me obsessed with yet another tv show. Like I needed another one. Anyways, I'm reading the books too because apparently my dad has them all and has been trying to get me to read them for a while. I just never connected the show and books together. By pg 175 Richard has already fallen in love with Kahlan. he finds her alluring. But as of pg 320 (which is where I am now) she has not confessed anyone. And he doesn't know she's a confessor (nor what one is). Not cool. I really hope that she has to randomly confess someone and he sees and goes "omg what is she doing." I love when Richard is confused...which is like all the time. Zedd is just as strange in the book as he is on the show. But he does things naked. And invites old blind sorceresses to do things naked. Ick. Chase is still badass. Darken Rahl is perhaps creepier and definitely more powerful in the book. I'm excited for season 2. As long as what's her face Mord Sith doesn't show up.