October 17th, 2009

BJR Bull*

Searching for a Play

Lots of you are literary folk out there so maybe you can help me out. I'm looking for this play I once read. It has been adapted into a movie of sorts. In that it was a filming of the play being performed but without an audience. I'm also pretty sure it was written by a foreign playwright.

The story is about a wealthy woman in a loveless marriage. There is a man in the house's employ who works in the stables(?) I could be wrong about this. He is a servant nonetheless. She thinks she's being all edgy by seducing this servant or letting herself be seduced by him. They have an affair and I think she suggests that they run away together. Maybe she fancied herself in love with him and he her. But the joke is really on her. I think he leaves without her and her husband finds out. I'm not sure.

If this sounds at all familiar to someone, let me know.
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