December 16th, 2009

BSG adama Papa love you

Hello Again and my wishlist

Hello there! I'm not dead. Life just got really sucky for a while but now it's much better. But as a consequence I haven't been online to read your posts. I'm sorry for that. But to make up for that I am all ready to grant Holiday wishes. This is my wishlist and if you could PLEASE link me to yours. That would be fabulous.

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ME Miranda

This my Christmas Wish List in Reverse

So for this entry I would like to give back to all of you. I have a ton of craft item stuff that I would love to get rid of (but only to a good home :) I don't have a camera so you won't be able to see what the item looks like exactly. But that's part of the fun I suppose. I don't expect to receive any money for them but I wouldn't mind going halfsies on expensive postage. Other than that it is purely a gift :)

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