March 10th, 2011

Community By Zeus

Community Fandom Boxes: I Need Help

Hi peeps! I'm going to focus on fandom for a while until I can properly form coherent personal posts. Lots of stuff has been happening in my real life that I want to process first.

Anyways I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I'm back to making fandom boxes (see HERE). I want to make one of Troy Barnes from the wonderful show Community. He is hysterical. So for the box his picture will be on top but a quote that exemplifies him will be on the inside lid. I need help picking the quote.

Under the cut are the quotes (I'll try to include youtube clips if I find them) and a poll. Just choose the one you like best even if you've never seen an episode of Community before. There were SO many great Troy quotes that I had to weed some out. That's terrible :(

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