April 12th, 2011

ME Miranda

Shit to do today and Random links

Random Links
1.) I had no idea how active the Megamind community was (megamind_movie). I love that movie so I'm kind of thrilled. Here is a totally inappropriate but awesome Megamind/Metro Man slash cartoon: LINK! I think it's a WIP too.

2.) A genius Fallout New Vegas fan video: Nuka Break. It's probably pretty funny if you've never experienced the game before too.

Stuff to do Today
1.) Buy cheap lei and mail that damn Hawaii box already.
2.) print out pics for lids of San Diego box, finish box
3.) make sure I have Greendale blue and titanium white paint for Community box. If not buy some.
4.) buy dull/dirty green color for Fallout box: Yellow spray paint (nuclear symbol), pick a color for vault boy
5.) buy artist's matte fixative for charcoal drawings
6.) finish The Hunger Games box
7.) Buy glass coke bottles at Albertson's or BevMo
8.) buy/find rubber cement for nuka bottles/caps (instructions here)
10.) Prep paperwork for psychiatrist; retroactive withdrawal form from Cal Poly

O_O I think that's it