May 2nd, 2011

BSG adama Papa love you


I caved and got a tumblr so here is all my social media stuff. I'm usually lunar47 for everything.

deviantART Although I haven't posted anything yet. I will as I finish boxes.
Fiction Press: which I hardly ever update because I don't write too much original fiction. But you can go read my depressing poetry if it pleases you ;) yes I post in the pit
Dreamwidth: another place just for fics...but it has the added benefit in that if I write anything naughty it will be over there, not here.
Dreamwidth Personal: for my weightloss and mental health updates
Archive of Our Own: seriously I'm making sure my stories will be preserved for all time, lol

and finally, PM me for Facebook. I would like to know who friended me.

I feel thoroughly exposed now O_O