June 24th, 2011

GoT Arya fork stabbing

Decide My Fate For July

So...8 years ago my dad told me to read a little book series he liked. He told me it was sort of fantasy, had a bit of magic (but mostly on the dl) and there was twincest. I wasn't completely sold but I told him I would add it to the list. He reminded me of it again 4 years ago. I didn't listen. Well now it's a damn tv show so obviously I had to read them. Actually I started and finished Game of Thrones before the show aired and am now 80% through the 3rd book, A Storm of Swords. Or so kindle tells me.

I am planning on doing 30 days of A Song of Ice and Fire in August so I can finish all the books including the new one. The month will feature commentary on my favorite characters, relationship dynamics, fanfic, picspams and graphics from the show and general squeeing.

So while I have August covered I want to do something for July. Star Trek is the old standard seeing as how I have done it twice. But there's also Doctor Who and Torchwood (since it will be back), True Blood (that's starting as well) and Merlin (which i swear i could do a whole month on Gwaine alone).

Any input would be great since you guys will be the ones who have to look at it for 30 days. Ok you don't have to but help me choose anyways :D

Which show should I use for July's 30 Days Challenge?

Doctor Who/Torchwood
True Blood
Star Trek
Other: tell me in the comments