July 12th, 2011

Tscc sarah in prison

Weight Loss Day 4

So it's day 4 of my diet. I'm doing okay. I haven't experienced any of the lightheadedness my doctor said I might experience. I've had a couple of headaches but that might also be from my regular medications.

The food had been good for the most part. The soups and bars are really good. The soups especially when you doctor it up with salsa or spices. The oatmeal is also nice. But some of the flavors taste a little pasty. I absolutely hate the shakes. But then again I've always hated diet shakes. They literally make me gag. However my mom really likes them. I'm hoping I can exchange them for something else I might like.

I'm dealing with some major cravings right now. I think I'm addicted to junk food. I'm a compulsive and impulsive buyer. I feel like I have to spend money on junk food. I acknowledge that it's not healthy for me but there's a large portion of me, no pun intended ;) that just doesn't care. I want to quit. I'v always wanted to quit at about this stage of my previous attempts. I'm going through detox or something. I just have to push through it somehow. I'm going to lean on my family and friends for support and actually vocalize my feelings. Maybe that will help me stick to what I'm doing.

Wish me luck :)