August 3rd, 2011

HP luna with wand

Fandom Update

1.) My writing muse better return from whatever tropical vacation she had planned because I have Bingo fics to write damn it.

2.) I'm realizing that I don't do well with 30 day memes if they are all about the same fandom. I got bored watching so many period pieces so I'll come back to that one eventually. For now I'm going to do 30 Days 30 Fandoms. Every day a celebration of a new fandom. You'll get to see a proper representation of how much tv I actually watch. It's not even close to how many shows I'm actually into but I had to pick and choose.

3.) If anyone is curious my top 2 fandoms currently are Psych and Leverage. Which is kind of random for me but they are excellent shows. Does anyone else watch. More importantly does anyone utterly love Nate and Sophie.

4.) Just by chance I happened to check my instant messenger at 2am on July 31st and saw that alissabobissa was on. Apparently it was the first day of Pottermore sign ups and she had just registered. So I lucked out and got in too. I'm NightRose85. My inner 15 year old would have used that name. What are your usernames?

5.) I got a new computer and x-box 360. It's kind of made my week.