April 18th, 2012

ME Miranda

Arts and Crafts

A rundown of all the art I have to do:

- 6 value study sketches for abstract piece (watercolor class)
- Illustration Friday prompt: puzzled
- Labyrinth box for Ravenclaw House gift exchange (need to add photo and ship)

- Zombie box for green_wing
- comic box for her sister
- Default Shepard Box for selphish
- Paragade Box for erunamiryene
- Mass Effect collage box for atouchofyou
- Paragade Box for morganskye

- 15x22 inch Thane Krios watercolor portrait (Best Thane I've ever drawn btw. I'm scared as shit to start painting it in case I ruin it.)
- Mass Effect N7 Box (need to add felt and inside lid pic)
- Cerberus carousel (finish with varnish, pick photos)
- Ariel Shepard carousel
- 1970's New York box for Dad
- Mass Effect crocheted scarf (halfway completed)

And I think that's it *faints*