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Hello my lovelies

Well I'm not dead. Just took a very long sabatical from livejournal. I spent my summer traveling, being depressed, and marathoning tv shows. I finally got into The Vampire Diaries. And yes I am a big Damon/Elena fan. I highly enjoy Ripper Stefan though because it brings me back to the only form of Angel I actually liked (evil Angel). Damon is very much like Spike in that he is the resident bad boy but he forms a conscience as the show progresses I suppose.

I'm also watching Smallville. I'm currently on season 6. I can't wait till Lois and Clark hook up and Lana is far in the distance. Lois cracks me up. I love her. I also love Chloe but I've given up my Chloe/Clark love in order to preserve my sanity. I love them as partners in crime though.

I've been playing a lot of video games too. I just started Borderlands. Mostly because I want to play Borderlands 2 and I figured I should start with the first game. I got the Halo anniversary edition since I've never played the Halo series. I also got Dead Space which I will be watching on my giant tv in the living room under the cover of darkness. It's mostly just to scare the shit out of myself.

I saw Hotel Transylvania which was super cute. I also saw Pitch Perfct which was hilarious. Anna Kendrick should definitely keep working in Hollywood. My favorite movie so far has been Looper. I can't stop thinking about it. I highly recommend it.

I'm reading Cloud Atlas. Or trying to at least. Anyone reading The Name of the Wind?

Just so you are up to date my new age appropriate celebrity crush is Chris Hemsworth, amazing Aussie beauty that is Thor.

I think that catches everyone up on my summer. I will be catching up on all you blogs in a couple of days.
ME Miranda

Arts and Crafts

A rundown of all the art I have to do:

- 6 value study sketches for abstract piece (watercolor class)
- Illustration Friday prompt: puzzled
- Labyrinth box for Ravenclaw House gift exchange (need to add photo and ship)

- Zombie box for green_wing
- comic box for her sister
- Default Shepard Box for selphish
- Paragade Box for erunamiryene
- Mass Effect collage box for atouchofyou
- Paragade Box for morganskye

- 15x22 inch Thane Krios watercolor portrait (Best Thane I've ever drawn btw. I'm scared as shit to start painting it in case I ruin it.)
- Mass Effect N7 Box (need to add felt and inside lid pic)
- Cerberus carousel (finish with varnish, pick photos)
- Ariel Shepard carousel
- 1970's New York box for Dad
- Mass Effect crocheted scarf (halfway completed)

And I think that's it *faints*
Mass Effect Thane

15 Hours into Mass Effect 3

So I finally played some more of the game this week. I had some major combat anxiety for some reason which was keeping me from playing. Plus schoolwork.

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I can't believe I'm still unspoiled for the majority of this game. My vigilance is paying off. Thank you friends for being so accommodating.
ME Miranda

Finally Home and Mass Effect obviously

So I'm back from the wonderful land of New Zealand. It was an awesome trip and I'm sad that it's over. I met some amazing people and went to really cool places. I'll post more pics when I get the chance. If you want to see them all you can friend me on facebook.

So I'm only 7 hours into Mass Effect 3 and I'm kind of pissed off.
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MASS EFFECT!!! what else

Sorry friends of other fandoms but Mass Effect has eaten my brain and with the new game out I fear I will be talking about it quite a bit.

I, like everyone else out there, couldn't import my Shepard's face into ME3. It's such a disappointment. But I'm too impatient to play so I painstakingly recreated her face. I've made her face so many times before in the previous games that I could pretty much do it from memory. She came out looking really close to my original Shep. Only now all her worry lines are gone and it looks as if she had a face lift. Maybe being grounded and not fighting collectors and mercs will do that to you.

**small aside: I'm listening to the ME3 soundtrack and the beginning of track #8 sounds like it came directly from Bioshock.

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ME Miranda

New Zealand

Hey guys I will be going to New Zealand next week and I'm wondering if anyone wants me to send them a postcard while I'm there. If so leave your address below. Comments will be screened.